Oh, where do I begin . . .

I love reading. I eat, sleep and dream books. I dream of traveling to places that I read about, and I dream about my retirement in a couple of years when I visit indie bookstores, literary/bookish events & festivals, and all the places that authors introduced me to with their words. I enjoy talking books with people that love to read, and I want to share my love of all of this with you.

In this newsletter, you will see deep dives about specific books, historical events, genres, and other bookish topics that you’ll enjoy. There might be a book review, maybe a post about an author or an author interview, or book lists to help you find books you want to read.

Not only will there be newsletters about books & reading, but there are also are so many book “adjacent” topics such as podcasts, bookish Instagram accounts, authors that do more than just write books, readers that do more than just read books. I want to tell you about all of this and more. And occasionally, there might be a post about none of the above, but about something that I think you might want to know more about. I can’t imagine my life without the love of reading, and I hope your life includes that too.

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Come along with me on this journey, and let’s talk books and reading!

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I love reading, I love books and bookstores. I'm a book nerd that loves talking books with others, and I always love great book recommendations.