Wienermobile forever 🌭

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The weinermobile reference made me laugh! It was recently in the news b/c someone stole a catalytic converter :) -- Hopefully will finish a book titled Imperfect Union. It MIGHT be of interest to you -- It is about the era in American History where we seized Texas and California to expand.

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great links. I like the UK guide to NY. I love reading other's takes on places I've lived. They always know some weird thing I didn't know about.

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This is yet another reminder that I've never read a Judy Blume book. I know I have to correct that. I love the Friday links, Gayla!

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Wienermobile, lunchbox museum, book clubs, and retirement! Yay for all these things!! πŸ₯³πŸ”†πŸ˜

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Hi Gayla. Appreciate you following Oliver's Travels and all your many likes. I have a few questions for you and would like to exchange emails or perhaps a phone call. Could you please reach out to me at gooey.tech@pm.me? Thank you! Scott

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I have a booklist of international fiction and poetry Ive read in the last fifty years. Send me your email and Ill send you the list. Here's my top ten books that Ive read 3-5 times.

1. To The Lighthouse- Virginia Woolf. She is STILL ahead of her time.

2. Waiting For Nothing- Tom Kromer. One of the grittiest short novelsl ever, epiisodes of a homeless man during the Great American Depression, and how he survives. Unforgettable.

3. The Butterfly's Burden- Mahmoud Darwish. One of the greatest poets of the 20th century opens our eyes about Palestine with justice and love poems of the highest artistry.

4. CANTOS - Pablo Neruda. One of the great social justice poets and love poets. Nobel Prize winner. The people of Chile made and sang songs from his poetry.

5.My Name Is Red- Oran Pamuk. A kaleidsicope intriguing mystery love story with characters name in colors and animals ( ie I am Horse; my name is red). A delight!

6. Beloved- Toni Morrison. i dont deal in singularities, such as what is the Great American novel, but if I did this would be my choice. I know many say it's Moby Dick by Herman Melville but I would feel funny about voting for any novel as Number One that has no female characters.

7.My Life In the Bush of Ghosts- Amos Tutola. A picaresque journey based on the folktales of the Yoruba tribe in Nigeria. One of the most informative and entertaining novels Ive ever read.

8. The Tent of Miracles- Jorge Amado. A brilliant depiction of underground educators in the Brazil trying to make learning relelvant to their rambunctious community.

9. Union Street- Pat Barker. A novel about the lives of working class women and their families one street in an industrial city in northern England. Different women on the street appear in different sections, like a small jazzgroup where everyone takes a turn at a sollo. Brilliant writing.

10. Uncle Tom's Children- Richard Wright. Searing stories of African Americans resisting racism in the South. His first book that wowed the world.

11. The Hardboiled Wonderland At The Edge Of The World- Haruki Murakami. One of the most entertaining authors writing today and one of the funniest and most whimsical.

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