Happy Friday Links


Hi readers,

Friday has arrived; my favorite day of the week. I’m sure I’ve mentioned it more than once. Thursday is running a close second as my favorite day of the week as it has been the last day of my work week for the last several weeks. I have several vacation days that I could not use last year because of the pandemic and increased work schedule, so I decided to use some of those days by making three-day weekends when my work schedule permits. I could get used to this; don’t tell my boss, I think I already have.

It is officially October; where has the year gone. I follow several travel bloggers that post pictures and stories of their travels and the beautiful scenery on the East coast; I wish I were there. At times I wish I was a travel blogger as I find so many travel posts to share. I usually find a way to slip in a travel-related link, but otherwise, I try to stick to books and book-related things.

So off we go again with this week’s links:

  • Let’s get the travel link out of the way as this blogger and his adventures fascinate me. He is going to walk the length of Long Island in 9 days and document it daily with pictures and narrative. He has set up a temporary Substack newsletter to document his travels; however, it will only be accessible for these nine days. If you are interested, sign up before October 11th and make sure you read the newsletters daily, as they will disappear on October 20th.

  • I look forward to when a book is adapted for TV or the big screen; some are better than others. I’m excited for a couple of these happening across a few of the streaming platforms.

  • The pandemic has been horrible on so many levels; one of the few upsides has been the increase in virtual bookish events. Most authors went virtual for their book releases last year, and up until a few months ago, everything was still virtual. Some really great authors have books releasing in October, and I’ve already registered for some of these events. Maybe a few will catch your eye too.

  • I’ve been on Goodreads for several years now. While there are some things I don’t like about it, it does serve its purpose for me in tracking my books with the amount of time I have available to spend on it. Storygraph burst on the scene last year and is getting rave reviews from book lovers everywhere. Ethical Unicorn has a great post about the features of Storygraph; I think I could be persuaded to switch.

  • I told you last week that I was a sucker for a quiz, and I’ve found another one, lucky you. This quiz from Book Riot tests your library knowledge, or in my case, lack of library knowledge, as I only answered 6 of the 13 questions correctly. I did learn a couple of things that I think I’ll research further.

  • I’ve never been to New York City, so I had no idea this part of Central Park even existed. In this Book Riot article, the author reimagines Central Park’s Literary Walk, and I’m all in for the reimagining. A trip to the City will be one of the first trips I take when I retire.

  • In high school, I was part of the school newspaper staff of reporters and enjoyed learning how to be a journalist. Sadly, I didn’t follow that path. I loved this Electric Literature book list about the internal politics of working at a newspaper. I read this author’s book and enjoyed it, and there are a couple of books on this list that I want to read too.

  • I have tried so many times to keep track of my books in one of those paper book journals that you can decorate and make really cute, and I’ve had just as many failures. That could be because I start at the beginning of each year, and then it goes to you know where in a handbasket because that is my busiest time of the year. I’m always looking for unique book journals, and some of these are catching my eye. I had never considered a digital book journal until now; maybe I could stick with digital a little longer than a paper one as it has cute and decorated already built-in.

I’m getting started on my “bookish gift newsletter” publishing in early November, and I’m on the lookout for all kinds of bookish gifts for adults, teens, and kids. If you have suggestions, you can reply to this email newsletter with your lists and links. I’m always looking for unique and different bookish gifts that I might not necessarily discover on my own.

Another weekend is before you; time for family, friends, and of course, books and reading. Take some time to relax and enjoy all three. Happy reading!