I wrote this kind of article last year... In my head though.

Seriously, this is packed with insight. You've put a name to every reader's discomfort.

Here's to more intelligent handling of book slump.

It reminds me of Shane Parish's treat on choosing what to read that ties in nicely with your thoughts on book planning and book research.


Ps: I find myself putting books down to come back to them later (years later). Time, I think, is a fair judge.

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Thanks for the link; I'll check it out. Yes, I put books down also, as I've learned what isn't right for me versus what isn't right for me right now. Learning that has taken a lot of the frustration out of my reading life.

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I’m a new reader going back through your archive. Love the suggestions! My go-to way out of a slump is to reread an old favorite or a book I gave 5 stars. It reminds me of what l love and usually sparks an interest in books I haven’t read.

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