For Christmas, my husband got me a literary fiction subscription to one of our local independent bookstores, A Room of One's Own in Madison, WI: https://www.roomofonesown.com/subscription-boxes

It may be the best present he has ever given me.

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Feb 4, 2022·edited Feb 4, 2022Liked by Gayla Gray

What a timely column! My high school senior is in Creative Writing club, and their project this week was "Blind Date with a Book"! For Valentine's Day, they gift-wrapped a bunch of books and made a themed display in the school library, listing only the genre on the outside of each book, the idea being that you borrow a "blind date" book in your desired genre, a surprise grab-bag of sorts. I know that's something that's been around, but I thought it was great of them to adopt this as a cool club activity.

(It also doubles as sort of a blind "Staff Recommendation" you would see in a bookstore, because it seems many of the students chose well-known and lesser-known personal favorites, hoping that others would discover them, too.)

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